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Announcing Ellen Mason: TEAs VP of Marketing and Communications

On this #IWD, I want to introduce and pay gratitude to our VP of Marketing and Communications, Ellen Mason @afashionatinglife. No words can explain the power and strength a good partner brings to the table and I find it an imperative when embarking on a new venture. Starting a solo business can be lonely, uncomfortable, and lead to you doubting your every move - even though deep inside you know you are on to something - we have all been there one way or another. I remember showing Ellen The Runway and Street Edit for the first time and being able to share the excitement of the season, uncovering trends and concepts and talking about how we/who we can offer this inspiring insight to. It's a labor of love and comes from a place of true passion and I feel so empowered to have this inspiring women by my side.

"I realized about halfway through last year that I am one of those women who was using the pandemic to reinvent themselves/come out better than when it started. I have been concentrating on the blog, working with an empath, and doing what I do best, which is opening myself up to the possibilities of what the universe can bring. I am trusting my own intuition and embrace the changes and growth."

Want to learn more about Ellen and all the "cool shit" she has done? Read her blog post, "Welcome to the 18th Iteration of What I Want to Be When I Grow Up" on A Fashionating Life - a blog for women in their 40s and beyond who want to feel empowered by fashion in their daily lives.

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