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Choose Your Own Adventure: Autumn / Winter 21/22 Runway Recap

Choose your own (trend) adventure. How will you feel once things are back to “normal”? Will you party like it’s 1999? Or a Roaring (20)20s redo? Have you adopted a New Normal and are embracing this unfamiliar way of being? Or are you longing for the old? Somewhere in between? Optimistic, but still cautious?

That may seem like a lot of questions, but it is safe to say that the start of the 2020s has asked more than it has answered. For AW21, we see the fashion industry trying to make sense of our new reality with designs that show a desire for something fresh, yet familiar, nostalgic, yet futuristic with comfort and utility more important than ever.


Vintage continues to have a strong presence across collections with both revived originals and reimagined pieces and styles. Consumers and brands alike are staying connected to the past as a way to do better in the future. Time in lockdown has given buyers time to seriously consider the impact of fashion from both personal and environmental standpoint. They are ultra aware of their buying habits for either financial and/or sustainable reasons and buying “fewer and better” or looking more and more to the secondary market. The fashion industry is continuing to take note as are lifestyle, home decor, and other creative sectors.

On the color front, shades of green with a distinct emphasis on Olive really stood out. With consumers continuing to be stuck indoors, their need for more nature is apparent in the rise of these verdant hues. From previous seasons, Dusty and Barely There pastels continue as a fun alternative to easily wearable neutrals, as well as unexpected brights continuing to “pop” up as we hope for better times ahead. Neutrals remain popular with black, white, cream, brown, beige, and tan were still the most seen as head-to-toe looks. These subtle shades were also used as an unexpected moment of color in many looks making neutral the statement color.

Overall, we saw AW 21 embrace the theme of duality. As previously stated, people are cautiously optimistic and will be dressing as such. Think comfortable but protected; cuddle up but stay away; modern vintage, retro futurism, fragile rebellion, even dressed up to stay home.


Look toward future trends while looking back at some of the most inspiring fashion from the Autumn / Winter 2021 runway presentations. At TEA, not only do we analyze the trends from the current season, but we look for common or emerging themes that connect them. We use much of this information to predict how these trends will appear in future seasons so you can take these concepts and GO BEYOND THE TRENDS.

Some of our favorite looks of the AW 21 season:


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