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Updated: Oct 11, 2019

My husband and I recently ventured out on our first kid-free vacation to the Mexican state of Oaxaca. In the capital city, also called Oaxaca, the streets are filled with Mexican tourists and friendly Oaxaqueños who love music, dancing, food, mezcal, art and just enjoying life! We spent 3 full days and stayed in the “Centro” part of the city and felt that it was a perfect amount of time to explore the city and the surrounding area. Here are a few of the must see sights, restaurants, and great Artesanias shops that we explored.


Museo Textil de Oaxaca

Exceptional museum with beautiful textiles and a great gift shop filled with traditional textiles and crafts. They offer different workshops throughout the year so check their website before you go.

Templo de Santo Domingo

Surrounded by lively music and Artisan booths, this golden cathedral will take your breath away when you enter the building.

Museum of Cultures of Oaxaca

Hidden gem next to Santo Domingo. In this former convent you will see beautiful architecture with open arched windows overlooking the botanical gardens. Best to visit after going to the archeological site of Monte Albán to see the treasures discovered buried in a tomb there.

Jardín Etnobotánico de Oaxaca

Must see botanical garden surrounding Santo Domingo with 100's of native plant species.

Museo de los Pintores Oaxaqueños

Excellent museum with well curated exhibits from local Oaxaqueños artists.


If you are feeling adventurous you can try the Chapulines or also known as grasshoppers. They appear in several types of dishes so if these critters don't sound very appetizing to you keep an eye out when reviewing the menu. Other traditional Oaxacan food includes Tlayudas (most similar to a quesadilla), Tamales and a huge range of Moles. And of course you can't forget the Mezcal!

Sabina Sabe

Los Danzantes *reservation needed

El Destilado *reservation needed

Los Amantes Mezcalería

La Mezcalerita


Hotel Los Amantes Oaxaca

Hotel Casa Oaxaca

Quinta Real Oaxaca

Hotel Boutique De La Parra


Los Baules de Juana

High-quality beautiful textiles handpicked from a range of Artesanias from around Oaxaca. Pricey but worth it for these one of a kind gems! It is located in the same building as Los Danzantes so grab a bite to eat, some mezcal and then go shopping!

Mujeres Artesanas de las Regiones de Oaxaca

Traditional crafts and textiles from around Oaxaca that support women Artesanias.

Boutiques with local designers blurring the lines between trend and traditional:


Tienda Q

Lanii Gifts








1 - Visit the archaeological site of Monte Albán and then drive to the artisan village of San Martín Tilcajete to see Taller David Hernández walk you through the long and tedious steps of making an Alebrijes. If you have time, on the way back to Centro stop off at Alfareria Doña Rosa to see the artisans make the famous black pottery of Oaxaca.

2 - Get up early and take an hour and a half drive to the petrified waterfalls of Hierve el Agua. On your way back, visit the small village of Teotitlan del Valle for a lesson in natural dyes and textiles from Nelson Perez Mendoza. If it's Sunday, go to the famous market in Tlacolula de Matamoros.

Have you been to Oaxaca? Please share your experience and some of your favorite spots in the comments section.


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