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Style Beyond the Seasons: Seasonless Fashion Trends from 2020 that Carry Into 2021 & Beyond

Updated: Apr 28, 2021

As we welcome 2021 with open arms, The Edit Advisory (TEA) takes a look back at the seasonless fashion trends that escalated in 2020 and will continue into 2021 and beyond. We are breaking the “rules” and blurring the seasonal lines with fashions that can and should be worn year round. These season(less) trends will continue through Spring/Summer and on to Autumn/Winter.

We have provided you a preview of Style Beyond the Seasons: Seasonless Fashion Trends from 2020 that Carry Into 2021 & Beyond. To download the full report for FREE sign up for our mailing list and complete a 2 minute survey. Once we have your results we will send you the full report: SURVEY HERE

Let’s look up and forward with a year of innovation, creativity, and inclusivity.

  • Sustainable practices and materials are no longer a nice to have but a business imperative

  • Nature inspired prints bring a new look and feel to the floral trend

  • Unbleached or Undyed fabrics bring out the natural beauty of the weave

  • Multi-purpose garments meant to be worn in or out

  • Consumers being cautiously optimistic and buying with intent and purpose

  • All day comfort with pajama dressing and knit pieces

  • Unity in skin tone shades for all

  • Peach in all its tones, golden bronze hues from tan to brown, and brown in all its rich and subtle sophistication

  • Not just clothes, shoes and accessories received the inclusion and diversity memo

  • Pretty that doesn’t sacrifice comfort

  • Using beauty as a distraction from reality, escapism

  • Aspirational, yet rooted in nostalgia, and a yearning for simpler times

  • Reflective of a worldwide shift in priorities and values

  • Pretty for pretty sake is no longer relevant, fashion with a purpose that needs to deliver form and function

  • Ready for brunch or the apocalypse

  • Traditional sweats sets get traded in for a more refined comfortable look

  • Bralettes and soft knit bras over underwire and push-up bras

  • Oversized and layered looks

Download the full report with more images & insights by completing this quick SURVEY and signing up for our mailing list.


We hope you enjoyed this sartorial look back at 2020 as we preview how it these fashions continue to inspire well into 2021.Style Beyond the Seasons: Seasonless Fashion Trends from 2020 that Carry Into 2021 & Beyond is just one of the innovative ways that TEA keeps you ahead of the fashion curve with innovative trend analysis and consumer insights, as well as the ability to spot and customize solutions to shape the trends that grow your brand. To see more of the reports that we have to offer, visit our Digital Trend Report SHOP.


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