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Austin, TX - Looking to democratize fashion trend analysis and support the billion-dollar and growing creator economy, THE EDIT ADVISORY announces the launch of TEA CREATIVE, the first-ever high fashion trend analysis subscription service exclusively for influencers, YouTubers, bloggers, and other fashion content creators. Learn more by visiting

The total value of the creator economy is estimated at over $100 billion, according to Forbes Magazine and more than $3 billion is spent on LTK, just one influencer marketing site alone, according to TechCrunch. While hundreds of products are launched each day that support everything from monetization and scheduling to promotion and production, fashion trend analysis is an established industry asset most creators do not have access to. As more and more people turn to influencers as fashion experts, this is akin to steering the ship without being given a map.

“Content creators are expected to operate as their own fashion magazine, complete with editorial focus, and insight,” says Krystal De Lisi, President of THE EDIT ADVISORY, and Co-founder of TEA CREATIVE. “As someone who has worked in fashion trend analysis for decades, I can tell you it is a key component in separating highly successful brands in the fashion world from ones that are not. It is integral to figuring out how trends can be interpreted in ways that resonate with an intended audience and bring it to market before anyone else. Democratizing fashion trend analysis in a way that fits the specific needs of the content creators is a vital next step for supporting the creator economy.”

TEA CREATIVE takes runway inspiration and trend insight and combines them in a way that will allow fashion influencers to spend less time researching compelling content and more time actually creating it. By taking the ever-popular monthly online subscription model, TEA CREATIVE provides more than just trend information. It is a strategic partner for fashion influencers and provides:

  • A competitive advantage on shopping apps and influencer marketing platforms like LTK

  • A constant source of inspiration and insight in one convenient site that is updated every runway season and disseminated within two weeks after our retail brand clients, but still months ahead of the average consumer

  • “To the trade” or “insider” level trend analysis for credibility and legitimacy

  • The ability to translate how trends are interpreted from designer runways to real-life ready to wear fashions at different price points and for different markets: Trendy, body-positive, attainable, sustainable, classic/timeless, and vintage/thrift

“Content creators do not need another scheduler or photo editing app. They need access to the same tools and information that established brands, publications, designers, and more already have access to. This will help them differentiate their brand and become true trendsetters,” said Ellen Mason, Vice President of Marketing & Communications for THE EDIT ADVISORY and TEA CREATIVE Co-founder. “TEA CREATIVE enables fashion creators to stop wasting time on repetitive or inefficient searches on multiple shopping, fashion, and fashion media sites, or even other influencers. Until they become one of the top 3 percent of creators who are invited to Fashion Week and dressed by Dior, they need insight into the trends that are predicted for future seasons.”

“This allows them to streamline their creative process and make better creative decisions by having forecasted trend analysis, runway inspiration, and the knowledge to get ahead of those trends in a way that will have consumers looking to them first,” said De Lisi.

With shopping apps like LTK evolving to support the creator economy in diversifying their income streams, TEA CREATIVE allows those creators to diversify their content streams in innovative trend-based ways. In addition to trends forecasting, TEA CREATIVE provides a deeper understanding of the business of the industry, the lifecycle of fashion, as well as other marketing, social, and other executive strategies presented through the lens of the specific hub needs of the content creator.

“Some might say, ‘but this is all designer runway and that does not apply to me as a creator or my followers’.” But TEA CREATIVE is the complete package filling a much-needed gap in the creator economy space. We start with designer/runway, because all brands, even Target and Walmart, start with designer/runway. It is the when and the how of their designer interpretations. That is where fashion creators can differentiate themselves and stand out from the sea of other creators,” added Mason.

“I spent years traveling around the world looking for fresh, new fashion trends. Ellen brings extensive experience in the creative marketing space. Not only do we take the trends themselves and present them in a way that is relevant to fashion and style creators, but we also provide the exact steps you need to think like a trend analyst,” said De Lisi. “ Create unique content that truly builds a loyal and engaged following. Beyond suggesting OOTDs, TEA CREATIVE can position you as a fashion expert who shares how to interpret trends in ways that speak to your personal style.”

Trend analyst and founder of THE EDIT ADVISORY, Krystal De Lisi spent 15 years as Associate Vice President of Design at Victoria’s Secret PINK where she oversaw all facets of the design strategy and development process, from concept to delivery. Vice President of Marketing & Business Development, Ellen Mason has 25 years of experience working with some of the best-known brands in fashion and music, including MusiCares and The GRAMMY Foundation, Kenneth Cole Productions, Gibson Musical Instruments, and The Texas Cultural Trust.

The cost of TEA CREATIVE memberships is between $50 and $75. All new members receive TRENDSPOTTING Part One: How to Spot the Right Trends for Your Brand upon joining regardless of membership level. Additional benefits include professional onboarding, shopping guides, a trend tracker, and webinars with the first one being, TRENDSPOTTING Part Two: Using Trend Analysis for a Competitive Edge and Increased Revenue on Shopping Apps.

The process to join is minimal. All that TEA CREATIVE requires is proof that you work in a relevant industry to keep the group’s industry authority, which is easily proven by links to social media channels, a website, or a LinkedIn profile that shows relevant current employment. Learn more about TEA CREATIVE. For more information on THE EDIT ADVISORY, visit

ABOUT THE EDIT ADVISORY We deliver professional trend analysis at the speed of fashion. THE EDIT ADVISORY provides fashion entrepreneurs with the inspiration and insight they need to develop, produce, and market their brands sustainably and authentically. Our unique alchemy of behavioral predictors, world event analysis, cultural and societal trends, and consumer attitudes help develop concepts and trends into strategic content, design, and positioning.


We are on a mission to support the creator economy and supersize entrepreneurs, influencers, and other fashion innovators. TEA CREATIVE allows you to spend less time researching compelling content and more time creating it - content that will resonate with your audience, grow your following and increase your ROI. TEA CREATIVE is the first-ever high fashion trend analysis subscription service exclusively for influencers, YouTubers, bloggers, and other fashion content creators.

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